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James 06-21-2009 11:07 PM

Welcome to ProfitsBay! Please take a minute to read this post to understand who we are, what we're about and to learn the rules around here so you don't trip up and ruin your visit!

ProfitsBay is all about how to make money online with a distinct leaning towards the auction giant, Ebay. We want the biggest online community to all come together to be able to discuss hints, tips and ideas on how to make money online.

Some rules:

* Personal disputes, arguments, attacks again other users etc. will not be tolerated. We don't mind you discussing your experiences (both negative and positive) with the community to gain insight, ideas or generate awareness but we will not be party to hate campaigns and needless abuse.

* Meaningful posts only - Only post something of genuine interest or relevance to others so that this can be a truly rich information source without being watered down with junk.

* You must contribute to the forum via genuine and interesting posts before you can make use of our free promotion forums on the site.

* You may have promotion/affiliate links in your signature but may not post or spam these within in your posts on the forums. Some general chat or mild promotion of sites from those with reputation and that have contributed elsewhere may be tolerated within reason but no shameless plugging.

* Don't "bump" threads and please do not post duplicate threads.

* No Thread Hijacking - Keep on subject to that thread, e.g. if the thread is discussing Ebay selling strategies do not go off subject and start posting about your Paypal problem or having private jokes etc. with other users.

* No swearing or cursing - It's just not required in our community.

* Post in correct category - Make sure any new thread you start is in the correct category otherwise it will be deleted and you will infer an infraction.

* Only 1 account - You may not hold duplicate accounts or post under different names or user ids. You will be instantly banned for this.

* No 'Worthless' posts or "post padding" - Do not post one line/meaningless posts just to build reputation/number of posts. One line posts such as "hi", or "lol" or "pm sent" are deemed as Worthless as they are of no value to any of our memebers and therefore this use of posting will not be tolerated.

* The Profitsbay staff have the final say on what is appropriate and what is not here.

* We strictly believe in a "You know what's right and you know what's wrong" ethos. If you can't see it listed in the rules but know it might be a bit naughty then don't do it (Or at least ask us first!).

Users who go against any of these rules including our ethos of you know what's right and you know what's wrong will infer infractions, have posts removed and possibly be suspended or even banned. We take our community seriously and do not want to see it abused, the rules will be enforced strictly.


An infraction is an official sign that you have done something wrong. We know everyone makes mistakes or may not be fully aware of certain rules and therefore we have YELLOW infractions as a warning and RED infractions which actually incur points towards being completely banned from our community.

Signature Links

Once you have been a member for 7 days and posted at least 10 posts you are eligible to place upto 4 links into your signature (the text that shows at the bottom of all your posts). These links could be to a webpage you own, an affiliate link or may not contain any link at all and just a bit about you or maybe a thought of the day. Remember, only link to a 'family site' (no porn, hate etc) and do not make worthless posts (see above) to get to the goal of 10 posts just so you can get your signature links. You can access the Signature Links (also know as your 'sig') in the USER CP.


We want this to be a great community and knowledge pool for all so please be polite, informative, friendly and communicative. Don't be afraid to ask a question, discuss an experience or share your views. It's a community so let's get on with it and share!

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